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[tree-ssa] DWARF2 debug info missing.

Being especially interested in low_pc/high_pc,
next to correct line numbers, the tree-ssa branch
is rather unusable for me to work with because
most of the DWARF2 debug info is missing!

# readelf --debug-dump=info treessa.o | grep low_pc | wc --lines

Normal is (compiled with mainline):

# readelf --debug-dump=info mainline.o | grep low_pc | wc --lines

The reason for this is:

# readelf --debug-dump=info mainline.o | grep DW_TAG_ | sed -e 's/.*(\(.*\))/\1/' | sort -u > mainline
# readelf --debug-dump=info  treessa.o | grep DW_TAG_ | sed -e 's/.*(\(.*\))/\1/' | sort -u > treessa
# diff -c mainline treessa
*** mainline    2003-09-23 16:16:49.366266872 +0200
--- treessa     2003-09-23 16:16:07.964560888 +0200
*** 1,9 ****
- DW_TAG_array_type
- DW_TAG_base_type
- DW_TAG_formal_parameter
- DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine
- DW_TAG_lexical_block
- DW_TAG_subrange_type
- DW_TAG_variable
--- 1,2 ----

Thus, DW_TAG_inlined_subroutine and DW_TAG_lexical_block (among with lots of others)
are not outputted!  Only DW_TAG_compile_unit and DW_TAG_subprogram is generated.

Is this intentional?

Carlo Wood <>

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