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Re: Gcc 3.3/3.4 are broken on Linux

H. J. Lu writes:

> This patch
> breaks Linux since it disables .hidden support on Linux. How long
> should gcc 3.3/3.4 remain broken on Linux?

sorry about the problem: I've been away on vacation.

As for gcc 3.4, I doubt the problem exists there since gcc_cv_ld_hidden=no
is already in the else branch of the GNU ld test:

  ld_ver=`$gcc_cv_ld --version 2>/dev/null | sed 1q`
  if echo "$ld_ver" | grep GNU > /dev/null; then
    # non-GNU linkers don't seem to support .hidden yet
    if test x"$gnu_ld_flag" = x"no"; then

so this shouldn't affect systems with GNU ld.  In fact, the gnu_ld_flag
test in the else branch is redundant and can be removed.

For 3.3, Jakub Jelinik proposed a patch (though not formally), and since
nobody else did so, I've taken up from him when I returned:

Not having access to GNU/Linux systems, I could only test that the fix
still behaves as expected on Solaris 9/Intel with GNU as (thus .hidden),
but the native ld.

Nobody cared to either test the patch on GNU/Linux or comment on it


Rainer Orth, Faculty of Technology, Bielefeld University

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