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Re: Status of gcc/intl and src/intl?

zw> Yeah.  Updating src/intl to match gcc/intl is on my list but I am not
zw> going to get to it soon. ...
zw> What will happen eventually is, gcc/intl will be copied
zw> over to src/intl, and everyone's configure scripts will be modified to
zw> match.

Okay.  That sounds normal.  And it sounds like there is nothing hidden
that is going to leap up and bite me.

mec> My plan is to add a few lines of kludgery to the top level src-release
mec> file ...
zw> I'm not familiar with src-release so I have no idea whether this will
zw> be a problem.

I guess I can't ask you to know about src-release, so I will have to
be responsible for this bit.  I'll make sure that my bits in src-release
look compatible with the gcc/intl/ as well as the current

zw> Testing this change is a bit daunting, which is one of the
zw> reasons I haven't gotten to it.  Help would be appreciated.

I can do some garden variety cross builds, like,
whenever the time is good for you.  I'm not much on exotic builds though.


Michael C

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