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RE: /lib/ no version information available

   I compiled the application on the same platform RHAS 2.1. So we are
building the application using gcc 3.2.1 on a RHAS 2.1 machine and shipping
the gcc runtime libs along with the product. In fact we are building our own
gcc using the source. However when I gave the option --enable-symvers=gnu to
the configure script and subsequently gave the make command, I encountered
the following error

O1 -Wl, -Wl,-soname -Wl, -o
/usr/bin/ ignoring invalid character `[' in script
/usr/bin/ parse error in VERSION script
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [] Error 1

The line no 31 in version script
gcc-3.2.1/i686-pc-linux-gnu/libstdc++-v3/src/ is 



    # Names inside the 'extern' block are demangled names.
    # All but the last are terminated with a semicolon.
    extern "C++"
      std::[A-Za]*;  <=============================== Line 31

What do I do now?


-----Original Message-----
From: Dan Kegel []
Sent: Thursday, September 11, 2003 2:33 PM
To: Misra, Aveek
Cc: ''; GCC Mailing List
Subject: Re: /lib/ no version information available

Misra, Aveek wrote:
> Hi Daniel/Dan,
>    I have an application that links up with the gcc runtime libraries
> on Red Hat Linux Advanced Server v 2.1. However when I start an executable
> it gives me the warning message 
> smfinal: /home/smuser/install/myapp/lib/ no version
> information available (required by
> /home/smuser/install/myapp/lib/
> I saw a discussion between you regarding a similar error. However I could
> not retrieve the final solution from the discussion. I will really
> appreciate it if either of you can tell me what exactly to do to remove
> warning.

I see you posted this question on the gcc mailing list:
so I'll cc that list with my answer.

Did you see the similar messages:

My guess is that you compiled this program on a different
operating system, and you're trying to run the binaries
on RHAS 2.1.  If that's the case, then don't do that :-)
If you want binaries to be portable across versions
of Linux, then build it under the LSB; that's the only
way to make sure it'll work.  (As a first step, you
might try linking in the C++ libraries statically
when you build your app; maybe you can do this by
using gcc instead of g++, and specifying libstdc++.a explicitly,
but I haven't tried.  See also

If the above doesn't help, i'd say you should report the problem to Red Hat
ask on a red hat advanced server specific mailing list.  RHAS is supposed
to come with pretty good support...

The fix in my situation was to specify --enable-symvers=gnu
when building gcc (see
but since you're not building your own gcc, you really shouldn't be
running into the same problem I did, and my fix won't help.
- Dan

Dan Kegel

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