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Re: Reload problem

Eric Botcazou wrote:
- gen_reload expects a three operands expression but it is short-circuited by push_reload

I think the code in push_reload is primarily at fault here. This is an optimization trying to reduce the number of spill registers, but it is very tricky to get right. We've already had a number of problems with this code before, and it has a growing list of conditions that must be met before we use it.

I think someone (maybe Joern?) once proposed modifying this code to emit a test reload and try to recognize it. If this fails, then we can't use the dying register as the spill register. This would mean doing some of the stuff gen_reload does, e.g. call emit_insn, recog_memoized, extract_insn, and constrain_operands. And only if all of these succeed is it safe to use the dying register as the spill register.

It seems like we shouldn't have to do all of that work, but I don't see any other way to fix it in push_reload.

Fixing find_reloads_address_part sounds reasonable also. However, the only way to see if the PLUS operands are valid is to do the same thing I mentioned above, e.g. emit an instruction and see if it can be recognized and if the operands match the constraints. Since we have less info here (i.e. we don't have the reload register which is the destination register for the insn), this is less likely to be completely safe.

Since we are making essentially the same fix in one of two places, we should consider some other issues, such as which place is least frequently executed (and thus has the least affect on compiler runtime), and which place gives the best resulting code.

I guessing that push_reloads wins, but I can't be certain.
Jim Wilson, GNU Tools Support,

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