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Re: __func__ and C++

Paul Koning <> writes:

| >>>>> "Nathan" == Nathan Sidwell <> writes:
|  Nathan> Joe Buck wrote:
|  >> On Tue, Sep 02, 2003 at 11:24:40AM -0700, Matt Austern wrote:
|  >> 
|  >>> Inside a destructor, __func__ and __FUNCTION__ return "foo", not
|  >>> "~foo".  (__PRETTY_FUNCTION__ behaves the way I would expect.)
|  >>> 
|  >>> Is this behavior intended, or is it a bug?  The gcc manual merely
|  >>> says that __func__ is supposed to return the function's name
|  >>> without a type signature, and doesn't say what that's supposed to
|  >>> mean in the case of special C++ functions.  Since __func__ in C++
|  >>> is a gcc extension, none of the language standards provide any
|  >>> useful guidance.
|  >> 
|  >> 
|  >> Reading the document, I would expect "without a type signature" to
|  >> mean that the string does not include the return type or the
|  >> argument types, but I would still expect to see "~foo" rather than
|  >> "foo", or "operator==" or similar.  Of course, since it's an
|  >> extension, it is arbitrary
|  Nathan> should it produce a qualified name? Should it include a
|  Nathan> template-id?  Should it return the mangled name? (Our docs
|  Nathan> rule out the last, but it is what you want in certain places)
| That's what PRETTY_FUNC is for.

No.  __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ includes the types of the function.

|  Nathan> IIRC there was a suggestion for some kind of
|  Nathan> __QUALIFIED_FUNCTION__ variable.
|  Nathan> My thoughts are to leave __func__ alone, and wait for some
|  Nathan> kind of standarization. 
| Leaving it alone for the most part makes sense.

The trouble is that without the nested-name-specifier, it is hard to tell
which name we're talking about.  Without the nested-name-specifier,
__func__ is pretty useless in C++.  It is not a problem in C because C
does not have elaborated notion of scopes.

-- Gaby

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