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Naming the originator in new testcases

Just as a reminder to those who check in new testcases --

Gerald asked me to write this mail about something where we both have felt 
misrepresented in the past: when a PR is fixed, it should go with a testcase, 
but on numerous occasions the header of the testcase that went in for our PRs 
only said something like
    // Contributed by X Y
where X Y is the name of the one who fixed it. While we both believe that it 
is fine if this name appears here, we think it is not ok if the name of the 
one who provided or reduced the testcase is omitted. (Remember that reducing 
testcases can well take an hour, so in many cases is certainly not a 
negligible task compared to fixing a bug.)
In fact, as Gerald noticed, codingconventions.html says
    Where appropriate, testsuite entries should include comments giving their
    origin: the people who added them or submitted the bug report they relate
    to, possibly with a reference to a PR in our bug tracking system.
It would be nice if we could keep to this policy.


Wolfgang Bangerth              email:  

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