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Re: [tree-ssa] bootstrap problem on powerpc-apple-darwin6.6

In message <>, Andrew Pinski writes:
 >> On Thu, 21 Aug 2003 16:53:04 -0400, Daniel Berlin <> wro
 >> > This stripping you do undoes what gimple_boolify_expr did to convert it t
 >> > a boolean_type.
 >> > Then invert_truthop aborts when it tries to invert a non-boolean_type tre
 >> > So either
 >> > 1. The conversion isn't useless, but gimplify_boolify_expr is not
 >> > generating the conversion in a way that makes it seem un-useless.
 >> > 2. The conversion isn't useless, and the above is not working like it
 >> > should.
 >> I think the conversion isn't useless, because BOOLEAN_TYPE has a (much)
 >> smaller range of values, which matters to invert_truthop, at least, and
 >> should be useful to optimizers.
 >Would this patch be acceptable?
 >It gets my by the part where I was failing.
 >Andrew Pinski
 >	* tree-ssa.c (tree_ssa_useless_type_conversion): Types are only equal
 >	if they have the same min and max values.
So, two types can have the same mode, but different min/max values?  I guess
that makes a certain amount of sense.

Ugh.  I learn more about trees every day...  Some things are good, some things
are bad.

This is probably going to cause some missed optimizations.  I guess we'll
find another way to deal with them.


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