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New cross target for uClinux


I'm cleaning up uClinux patches for GCC to move all uClinux-specific target
configuration changes away from the m68k-elf target.

Up to now, the whole uClinux toolchain was configured for the m68k-elf target,
which is not appropriate since binaries produced by this toolchain are neither
really ELF, nor suitable for running on bareboard targets.

I've added a new m68k-uclinux target in gcc/config.gcc and moved all uClinux
configuration changes in gcc/config/m68k/uclinux.h. This is similar to the
arm-uclinux target already present in mainline.

As for binutils, I've not bothered adding the m68k-uclinux target because,
currently, the assembler and linker don't care what they are assembling and
linking for.

Sinche the 'm68k-elf' target has been in use for several years on uClinux,
There are far too many places in the uClinux build infrastructure where m68k-elf
is assumed and I can't patch them all at the same time. We also need to make
the uClinux source base compatible with both the old and new GCC toolchains
for some time.

I'd like to reduce the impact of the target change by installing GCC with a
backwards-compatible prefix (i.e.: m68k-elf-gcc, etc.).

I'm also soft-linking /usr/local/m68k-elf to /usr/local/m68k-uclinux to let
the compiler find gas and ld properly. I also had to softlink m68k-elf-ar to
build libgcc.

But I've just realized this thing is requiring too many kludges. Is there
something I can do, perhaps in config.gcc, to tell GCC it should be using a
different target prefix for binutils and uClibc?

  // Bernardo Innocenti - Develer S.r.l., R&D dept.

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