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Re: Where did output_add_string go?

Diego Novillo <> writes:

| Gaby,
| In your last check-in to diagnostic.c (Jul25), you removed
| output_add_string but I can't find any ChangeLog entry describing the
| change.
| In the tree-ssa pretty printing code we're usingoutput_add_string, 
| output_finalize_message, output_clear_message_text,
| output_add_identifier, output_add_space, output_add_character,
| output_printf, output_decimal, output_add_newline, init_output_buffer
| and output_formatted_scalar.  I can't find anything in the ChangeLog
| about those functions.
| Could you give me a pointer on how to modify my code to use whatever
| alternates there are now?

pretty-print.h contained bunch of alternatives for those.

output_add_string => pp_string [a macro] or pp_base_string [function]
output_finalize_message => pp_base_formatted_text
output_clear_message_text => pp_clear_output_area
output_add_space => pp_space
output_printf => pp_printf //should have been to pp_base_printf for consistency
output_decimal => pp_decimal_int, pp_wide_integer or the general pp_scalar
pp_add_newline => pp_newline [macro] or pp_base_newline [function]
init_output_buffer => pp_construct

I should probably spend some time on the tree-ssa branch in order to
complete the C pretty-printer.

-- gaby

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