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Re: Decision on gccbug?

Ben Elliston wrote:
>> Was a decision ever made on dropping gccbug?  It's still built and
>> installed in mainline.  Is this really a good idea?
> Was one?
> I was going to suggest that it might be a good idea for gccbug to
> enter into a deprecation phase in which gccbug prints an explanation.

We didn't reach a decision when I proposed getting rid of gccbug one or two 
months ago when we rewrote the documentation after the bugzilla switchover. 
People brought up all kinds of reasons (from being able to assemble bug 
reports offline to being able to use their favorite editors) which I didn't 
think were reasonable given the typical length and style of a PR. But people 
were quite set on this and I gave up when I became frustrated. If you ask me: 
nuke it.

And just to reiterate Daniel Berlin's number: less than one per cent of our 
present new PRs are being sent in with gccbug.


Wolfgang Bangerth              email:  

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