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Re: [GCC] removal from web archive of mailing list??? please?

>>>>> "Trevor" == Trevor Jenkins <> writes:

 Trevor> On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Matthew J. Waller
 Trevor> <> wrote:
 >> Hi, I must have posted a message on here without thinking about
 >> the consequences and i left my email address and phone number at
 >> the bottom of the message.  This is very bad.  I used to get no
 >> junk mail.  Today I got my first.  I realise now what a stupid
 >> stupid thing it was to do, i'm very very sorry, I'll never post to
 >> a mailinglist again without reading to the bottom of the page,
 >> promise.  Is there any way you could remove the bit that says my
 >> email address.  *anyone??? *please???

 Trevor> You should be made aware that also archives
 Trevor> this list; I happen to think that's a bad thing. You'll have
 Trevor> to contact the operator of that host about doctoring that
 Trevor> copy too.

 Trevor> The other problem is that others may also hold publicly
 Trevor> accessible copies of the archive.

Right, like search engines.  Google, for example, has a copy, and
that's just one of many spider type search engines.

I think that attempting to recall a message like this is likely to be


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