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Re: [GCC] removal from web archive of mailing list??? please?

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002, Matthew J. Waller <> wrote:

> Hi, I must have posted a message on here without thinking about the
> consequences and i left my email address and phone number at the
> bottom of the message.  This is very bad.  I used to get no junk
> mail.  Today I got my first.  I realise now what a stupid stupid
> thing it was to do, i'm very very sorry, I'll never post to a
> mailinglist again without reading to the bottom of the page, promise.
> Is there any way you could remove the bit that says my email address.
> *anyone??? *please???

You should be made aware that also archives this list; I
happen to think that's a bad thing. You'll have to contact the operator
of that host about doctoring that copy too.

The other problem is that others may also hold publicly accessible copies
of the archive.

Regards, Trevor

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