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Re: Does gcc works as a cross compiler to 8031 micro controllers ? (Richard Kenner) writes:

>     I am sorry, but it seems we are not allowed to review your
>     message, so we cannot respond to it.
>     Please do not post confidential material to public mailing lists.  We
>     realize this is boiler-plate added by your mailer, but that is not our
>     problem.  Our problem is that all messages to the gcc list are
>     archived, and this builer-plate seems to prohibit that.  There is
>     serious talk about automatically bouncing messages with this kind of
>     legal nonsense.
> Although it is indeed annoying, it actually isn't a problem since sending
> something to the GCC list means the message is *intended* to be public,
> so the prohibition has no practical significance.

In the boiler-plate, you'll see that there's wording that contemplates
the message having been accidentally sent to its recipients, in this
case a public list.  Since the message also claims to be "private and
confidential", the first guess would have to be that indeed it's not
supposed to be public.  Who would send a message clearly marked as
private and confidential to a public list?

Since there's no way for us to know whether the message was really
supposed to be public and has the boiler-plate by accident, or the
boiler-plate is correct and the message has been made public
accidentally, the safest course is to follow the instructions in the
message and immediately delete all copies of it.

- Geoffrey Keating <> <>

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