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Re: Does gcc works as a cross compiler to 8031 micro controllers ?

> > Although it is indeed annoying, it actually isn't a problem since sending
> > something to the GCC list means the message is *intended* to be public,
> > so the prohibition has no practical significance.
> In the boiler-plate, you'll see that there's wording that contemplates
> the message having been accidentally sent to its recipients, in this
> case a public list.

Sigh.  Let's not argue about the legalities; it suffices that every time
someone posts one of these messages, a lot of us get distracted arguing
about them and they are annoying as can be.  It shouldn't be our job to do
a legal analysis to determine whether some threatening boilerplate is our
problem or not: sending people this kind of threat is just hostile and
volunteers should not be subjected to it.

Instead, let's just solicit volunteers to write patches to .procmailrc or
whatever system is using for spam protection, to bounce such
messages from our mailing lists.  The filter does not have to be perfect,
just good enough to send a clear message that we don't want such messages.
If this prevents someone from communicating with us, let him/her take it
up with the company lawyers or get a yahoo or hotmail account.  These
messages tend to all look much the same, so only a few patterns might do
the job.

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