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Re: gcc compile-time performance take 2

On Mon, 20 May 2002, Jan Hubicka wrote:

> Looks definitly very interesting.  Do you think you can also
> modify your scripts to oprofile cc1 binarry on the SPEC build?
> Then we will have logged when particular function became
> expensive.  You are using PentiumPro class machine that has
> better counters than Athlons...
It depends on oprofile's overhead.  The SPEC95 runs are already
taking about 9-10 hours.  I don't have too many cycles to spare.
We can always save the compressed cc1 binaries and re-run with
oprofile when we notice a slowdown.

> The graph looks interesting, definitly.  I am surprised it
> grows so consistently over the development cycle (ie even in
> the freezes). Perhaps it can be explained by filesystem
> overhead or something...
But the compiler is built on the same filesystem, it should be
affecting bottstrap times the same way.  In any case, I'll be
keeping better track of these numbers from now on.  The SPEC95
runs should resume in a few more days.


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