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Re: cleanup query: _ALL_SOURCE

On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 01:51:20PM -0400, Jim Wilson wrote:
> >I was looking for things to clean up, and I found that
> >_ALL_SOURCE is defined in several places (host or target specific), but
> >not tested anywhere.
> All but one is in an aix CPLUSPLUS_CPP_SPEC macro.  These are defines for
> system header files, not for gcc, so you shouldn't expect them to be tested
> anywhere in gcc.  You can't remove this without testing on each affected aix
> platform.  It is unlikely that they were added in error.
I will forget about these. :-)

> The one other use is in x-interix where it is put in X_CFLAGS.  Again, this
> is for use by system header files.  This one is probably wrong.  I'd guess
> it is a workaround for a configure problem.  You would need access to an
> interix system to figure out why exactly it is there, and to find a better
> fix.
This is where I originally noticed it, and it looked suspicious.  I
could probably figure out what's going on with access to an interix
system compiler manual, actually.  But I don't have that either. :-P

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