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Re: GCC 3.0.2 and BSD Make

> I have seen the recent changes in the gcc framework, and most of these are
> for the better... the main issue is always that things tend to get more
> complicated as time goes on, and it's very, very useful to sometimes step
> in to remove unneeded complexity... which is a bit hard, considering how
> many people understand gcc's Makefiles...

And how little time those who do understand them have to work on them... :-(

You can help by testing on as many platforms you can, and letting us
know when it breaks (or continues to be broken, as the case may be).

> Well, if it weren't for H.J.Lu, I don't think anyone here would seriously 
> suggest gcc actually change to gnu-make only. This would be an utterly 
> bogus move in terms of robustness anyways.

There are valid technical reasons to be able to build at least the C
compiler with a non-GNU make.  Perhaps non-C front-ends or libraries
may require GNU make, which I don't recommend but have fewer reasons
to back that up with, but the C parts must be buildable with any
reasonable make.

Perhaps someone could write up a how-to on obtaining a non-gnu make
that works under Linux, is reasonable, yet avoids being

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