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Re: Graph coloring for register allocation?


On Sat, 20 Jan 2001, Michael Hayes wrote:
>  > This was actually the largest pain in the ass for generating the
>  > interference graph. I stole two routines from combine.c and modified them
>  > (they tell you whether a register is live after a certain insn).
> I posted some generic dataflow routines that I posted to this list a
> few weeks ago that could help with this.  As well as liveness info,
> they generate def-use and use-def

Yep, I have them, but not looked at them closely due to missing time.
Also, meanwhile I was playing with the thought of building the
interference graph incrementally (as proposed in one of the newer
articles), and for that u/d-d/u-chains are not the best source. But at
least for gathering the info your routines seem very handy.

> info from which you can generate webs from.

Ahh, a Muchnick reader?  ;-) I found nowhere else (IIRC) the term "web"
for what is called everywhere else live range. Although I also like more
the former one ;)


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