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Re: gcc is very slow for me.

Drcadmando writes:

> 'm having a bad experience with the speed of gcc. I have run some tests on 86 
> randomly selected set of .c files, making a static library. On the same 
> machine, in different partitions, one LINUX, the other dos. In the LINUX 
> partition, under LINUX, version 2-2-16, simple make all command, it takes 
> about three hours. In the dos partition, under Windows 3.1, using a vintage 
> 1994 version of Borland,s compiler, it takes 7.5 minutes. I don't really 
> think it is gcc which is doing this, but I do believe I have told any 
> configurator I have what the hardware parameters are. Furthermore, I don't 
> hear any disk rattle, which I would in the case of thrashing. I am obviously 
> doing something wrong, but I need advice on where to look.

This doesn't sound right, but I don't think it's a gcc problem.  I think
that there may be something wrong with your GNU/Linux system configuration.
gcc is not the fastest compiler around, and Borland was one of the fastest
for its time (partly because of their tradeoffs -- compile speed
emphasized, hardly any optimization).  But it shouldn't be that slow.

If you want anyone to look for gcc problems, though, the source code
you're trying to compile would be needed.

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