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Re: Plans for ABI migration

On Jan 10, 2001, Bernardo Innocenti <> wrote:

>  That's right. Break it whatever you want. Break it again in the
> future if you need to. But please plan a small kludge for to
> make the transition a little easier.

We don't make any kludges in  That's not in the scope of the
GCC project.

But note that the kludge that was used for the transition from libc5
to libc6 was unnecessary, and people who did it are already aware of
their mistake.  The correct way to deal with the problem was to give
libraries different SONAMEs depending on the ABIs they were bound to,
so that they wouldn't be linked into programs that used a different

I agree, it's not like every package out there that creates shared
libraries comes with an option to insert a certain string in the
SONAMEs of libraries it creates, but there are programs that may help
mitigate this problem, by modifying SONAMEs in already-compiled
libraries and programs.  That's probably the way to go.

>  By the way, what's the rationale behind setting up libstdc++ as
> a shared library by default?

It used to be built as a static library by default, in the past.  But
most (all?) GNU/Linux distributors would configure GCC with
--enable-shared so as to get a shared libstdc++.

> It contains only small routines

When did you last check that? :-)

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