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Re: value of $CXX when building libraries

On Jan 10, 2001, Per Bothner <> wrote:

> But we are still left with the question: What shoudl the value of
> $CXX be?  Both libstdc+-v3 and libjava really should use the
> same value - different values are likely to lead to trouble.

The reason why libstdc++-v3 caches ac_cv_prog_CXX_libstdcxx instead of
ac_cv_prog_CXX is precisely to avoid the problem you're reporting.
Then, any other target libraries will have all libstdc++'s headers and
libraries in their search PATHs.  I have verified in the past that
this did work for bootstraps involving libstdc++-v3 and libjava.

That said, I'd love to avoid this hack.  If we could get all flags
needed to find libstdc++-v3 headers and libraries by running a script
*before* libstdc++-v3 is even configured, then we probably won't need
different flags passed in CXX to libstdc++-v3, and we'll be able to
get rid of the alternate-cache-variable hack.  However, this script
must work even in scenarios of multilibs.  Is that the case?

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