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Re: -std's (was Re: v3 link failures analyzed)

Phil Edwards <> writes:

| On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 07:55:19AM +0100, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > | 
| > | The only thing we can use is -ansi.  Either of the C90/94[*] variants
| > | mean that '//' comments aren't recognized. 
| > 
| > Maybe we should instrumentalize GCC so as to accept //-comment even
| > when looking for C90/C94-compliance.  At some point, that will be
| > needed.
| If there were an option (I guess this would be in cpplib) to specifically
| enable //-comments, we could use "-std=c{89,90} -but-with-//-comments-too".

Agreed, in principle althought I don't know if there is any evil shell
which treats '//' as a comment :-). 

| I think "-//" would a neat command-line switch.  :-)  Maybe -f// or ...
| Something else, though:  we need to decide whether we want to use
| this when building the library itself, or when running tests for system
| characteristics, or both.

Actually, I think we need these options when running tests for system
characteritics (e.g. which symbols we can assume to be present in
headers).  But when building the library itself, we need to have an
idea of what was there but undetected in strict mode.  That might
prove to be a bit tricky -- but we already have a similarr existing
practice e.g. long long (yes, it is troublesome :-).

| ..  This thread originally started off because SCO
| OpenServer presents a different set of headers in ANSI mode, so the headers
| seen during configuration aren't the same headers seen during building,
| or during the testsuite runs.

Yes, I'm keeping that in mind.  One intesresting thing to know is
whether the system supplies different runtime libraries (I don't
think so, but now I'm refraining from making any "reasonable"
assumptions :-). 

| The // issue bit me when building the library itself.  If we only look
| for strict ISO-ness during configure tests, that wouldn't be a problem
| (presumably the system headers won't have // scattered around).

We need to accomodate the preprocessor.

-- Gaby
CodeSourcery, LLC             

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