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Re: -std's (was Re: v3 link failures analyzed)

On Wed, Jan 10, 2001 at 01:08:17AM -0500, Phil Edwards wrote:
>     -std=iso9899:1990      same as -ansi
>     -std=iso9899:199409    ISO C as modified in amend. 1
>     -std=iso9899:1999      ISO C 99
>     -std=c89               same as -std=iso9899:1990
>     -std=c99               same as -std=iso9899:1999
>     -std=gnu89             default, iso9899:1990 + gnu extensions
>     -std=gnu99             iso9899:1999 + gnu extensions
> For v3 I think -std=iso9899:199409 is the closest we want.  Gaby?  Benjamin?

Heh heh heh, I sent that before the build finished.  I should learn...

The only thing we can use is -ansi.  Either of the C90/94[*] variants
mean that '//' comments aren't recognized.  The table in c-decl.c sets
the same flags when -ansi or -std=iso9899:1990 are given, but -ansi is
clearly being looked for additionally elsewhere.

[*] Clause [1.2] seems to want the language in C89/C90 with the library
    in C94.

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