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Re: Removal of support for GCC hosted on UWIN

On Tue, 9 Jan 2001, Mark Mitchell wrote:

> It also raises awareness of the FSF's position regarding U/WIN in
> particular, and other similar environments in general, as evidence by
> this discussion.  That is good; otherwise, people might believe that
> that the FSF doesn't really care if you put a U/WIN hosted compiler on
> an ftp site, for example.  Now, it is clear that the FSF does not want
> people to do this, and believes that the GPL prohibits such an action.

I need to remove all UWIN ports of gcc from my site (from egcs-1.0.x to 
2.95.2); while I'm doing that, I'd like to send an note to the many users 
who've depended on GCC being available on the platform and explain why 
we are doing this. I know there are quite a few sites mirroring my
distributions, and I'll send a note to the ones I know about.

Could I possibly get a note from FSF detailing the reason behind the
removal of UWIN? If not possible, I'll just gather up various messages
in the gcc list (eg., those from the various SC members), and compile
a note from that.

I assume that this also affects binutils and gdb ports and will remove
those as well as soon as I can.

Ironically, we're pushing the UWIN users back to MSVC as the only viable



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