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Re: Subreg-byte patches (was: Branching for GCC 3.0)

>>>>> Geoff Keating writes:

Geoff> I would pose another question.

Geoff> If the patch didn't go in, how soon could we integrate it and make
Geoff> another release?  Do you think this would be significantly more time
Geoff> than it would take to integrate and it starting now?

	This is a fundamental question about the release.  How many
features do we want to cram into GCC 3.0 versus getting the release out,
possibly without full functionality on all major platforms.  And then
following up quickly (e.g. 3-6 months) with GCC 3.1 filling in those
missing features.  This would be separate from bug fix updates to GCC 3.0
during this period.

	I think that we need to view GCC 3.0 as a test release and not the
be-all, end-all GCC release.  We probably can ensure that the C compiler
is in good shape, and likely that the C++ compiler and Fortran compiler
will be good as well.  Java (not part of release criteria) and
libstdc++-v3 are much more difficult to get right on all patforms on the
first attempt.


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