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Re: forget *documenting* libiberty -- how about *installing* it?

Phil Edwards <> writes:

> Those functions, IMHO, should be made more flexible.  (And I'm willing
> to do the work.)  Right now, to recover from an xmalloc failure,
> somebody has to rewrite chunks of xmalloc.c, for instance, instead of
> just installing a "malloc handler".

I've done a chunk of this work for other projects, including INN, and I've
released that code into the public domain.  You're welcome to use any or
all of it; the best current source for it would be to get the latest
CURRENT snapshot of INN from in /isc/inn/snapshots and look in
lib/xmalloc.c and lib/error.c, as well as include/libinn.h.

All of this code is clearly marked as being in the public domain, but if
the powers that be are still worried that there might be copyright issues,
I can try to go another round with Stanford's OTL and try to get them to
sign my paperwork.  I didn't have much luck with a blanket assignment, but
I may have more luck with something a touch more specific.

Russ Allbery (             <>

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