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Re: The Manual on Extentions to the C Language Family said>
> On 03-Jan-2001, Hideaki Hase <> wrote:
> > In the 9th par. in "Nested Functions,"
> > a nested function always has NO linkage, rather than internal one,
> > doesn't it?  An auto objects must have no linkage.
> Yes.
> However, it's not quite the same as the ordinary case of "no linkage",
> since forward declarations are allowed.  It's more like the case of
> struct tags, for which there is a special exception:
> ...

I see.  You mean there isn't it for identifiers in object name space
in std C.

> BTW, GNU C seems to allow nested functions to be declared `static', e.g.
> 	typedef void (*funcptr)(void);
>         funcptr outer() {
>                 static void inner2();
>                 static void inner1() {
>                         inner2();
>                 }
>                 static void inner2() {
>                         /* ... */
>                 }
> 		inner1();
> 		return inner2;
>         }

It says inner2 can be called after outer is over, doesn't it?

Thanks for your interesting information.
                                Hideaki HASE
                  School of Mechanical Systems Engineering,
             The University of Shiga Prefecture, 522-8533 JAPAN
                     2500 Hassaka-cho, Hikone-shi, Shiga
            Phone: +81-749-28-8394   E-mail:

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