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Re: libsupc++

> > What does "sup" stand for?  Is there a reason this code isn't just linked
> > into libstdc++?
> "C++ support".

I'm interested in the exception handling. I'm writing in C++ for the linux
kernel therefore I have to bring all components with me. Some of the gcc code
related to exceptions, rtti I have collected to a package. The problem is how
to initlialize the eh. For global CTors/DTors I have to call
__do_global_Xtor_aux(). This does initialize some of the eh as well but, it
seems not to be enough. I can't catch exceptions. The problem is that I can't
use the .init / .finit section of the elf format - I have to call it by hand.
What are the requiered functions. In the code there are some helper functions.
Some I can't call explicit.

What is the way of initializing eh so can emulate this for linux kernel? I know
there other problems (e.g. abort(), new/delete) which are solved particulary.
The code I've used to port is from gcc-2.95.3. The problem is related to some
buildin functions of the gcc-3.0 (.....init_dwarf or similar) which I do not
have with gcc-2.95.2.


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