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The Manual on Extentions to the C Language Family


Sorry, if I've post inadequate ML.

I'm translating "Extentions to the C Language Family" HTML version
cleated on 29 Dec. 2000 in "Using and Porting the GCC,"
which has been almost done.

I have some questions about it:

In the 9th par. in "Nested Functions,"
a nested function always has NO linkage, rather than internal one,
doesn't it?  An auto objects must have no linkage.

In the 3rd par. in "Referring to a Type with typeof,"
does an array of functions differ form an array of POINTERS TO functions?

In the 6th and the 12th pars. in "Labeled Elements in Initializers,"
I've interpret 'obsolete since GCC 2.5' as that GCC 2.5 and laters treat
them obsolete, but is it correct?

In the item of "no_check_memory_usage" in Declaring Attributes of Functions,"
'see's are duplicated in the reference.  Isn't it a mistake?

In the 1st example in "Prototypes and Old-Style Function Definitions,"
I can't understand the comment /* ??? lossage here ??? */.
Would you tell me what this means?

In the 4th par. in "An Inline Function is As Fast As a Macro,"
I've interpret 'nonlocal goto' as goto statement not to a local label
(GCC extension), but is it correct?

In the par. in "Assembler Instructions with C Expression Operands,"
isn't it ambiguous to say 'you must write `%%' in the input?'
Which does this 'input' means input list or C source code?
If the former, a hard register can be put in the input list?
Else if the latter, '%%' is nessesary in only assembler template string,
isn't it?

In the item of "-fno-strict-prototype" in Deprecated Features" and
in the 1st par. in "Backwards Compatibility,"
aren't periods or otherwise missed before `See section ...'s? 

Finally, couldn't I get the full texinfo source of the document set

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                  School of Mechanical Systems Engineering,
             The University of Shiga Prefecture, 522-8533 JAPAN
                     2500 Hassaka-cho, Hikone-shi, Shiga
            Phone: +81-749-28-8394   E-mail:

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