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sun/os as release candidate was: Removal of V2 code

Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

> the SunOS box I had access to died

While I'm sorry for your loss, there are ways to help coverage even in
the absence of such a system.

> I've felt SunOS a worthy second tier candidate for these reasons:
> Tests K&R stage1 support

Many modern compilers have flags to dumb them down to K&R mode.  Perhaps
this could be accomplished by doing bootstraps with a compiler in such a
mode.  I suspect that "gcc -ansi" is probably not the best test, but it
might suffice.  Some vendor compiler might be a better test.

Someone that cares about K&R could step up to the plate to add a cron
job to do a nightly (or whatever) build on such a system.

Does anyone other than HP even still provide a K&R-only compiler?  If
so, since there are binary kits of GCC available for that target, has
the time come for us to relax the K&R restriction for bootstrapping GCC

> Tests SJLJ exceptions

OpenServer in COFF mode uses SJLJ exceptions.  (It's one reason I'm
strongly considering yanking COFF mode; sjlj and dwarf-1 problems
are apparently of decreasing strategic value to GCC and they break
frequently.)  This could be exercised somewhat by one of the nightly
build processes by adding another pass with '-fsjlj-exceptions' or even
doing a bootstrap by adding it to BOOT_CLFAGS.  This could give us
coverage on a system that doesn't _need_ SJLJ.

> Tests fixincludes thoroughly
> Tests other various missing OS feature handling in gcc

Those represent holes.  OTOH, maybe they represent holes that are of
only of value on such an archaic target...I mean, does any actively
maintained host/target still really spell "memcpy" only as "bcopy"?


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