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Re: Generation process for cpp.1

Zack Weinberg <zackw@Stanford.EDU> writes:

> This is because the amount of hand adjustment needed varies depending on
> which version of pod2man you have.  I've been in touch with the pod2man
> maintainer; the version in perl 5.6 supposedly only has cosmetic issues,
> and 5.6.1-to-be shouldn't need any adjustment at all.

Folks who want to work on this can get the latest version of pod2man as
part of the podlators package on either CPAN or in
/pub/software/modules.  I'll be happy to work with anyone to improve the
output quality if anything else turns up; Zack's help in reporting things
it was doing that weren't ideal has improved the output quality quite a

(I'm the pod2man maintainer.)

> I've been waiting for a version of pod2man that doesn't need any hand
> editing to turn up in Debian unstable.  Then I'll put in a Makefile
> target.

Should be in the current Perl 5.7.0; I'm not sure how unstable unstable
wants to be.  It should be in 5.6.1 as well, but we've been waiting for
that release for a while.

Russ Allbery (             <>

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