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Re: Generation process for cpp.1

On Fri, Nov 10, 2000 at 11:32:15PM -0800, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Zack Weinberg <zackw@Stanford.EDU> writes:
> > This is because the amount of hand adjustment needed varies depending on
> > which version of pod2man you have.  I've been in touch with the pod2man
> > maintainer; the version in perl 5.6 supposedly only has cosmetic issues,
> > and 5.6.1-to-be shouldn't need any adjustment at all.
> Folks who want to work on this can get the latest version of pod2man as
> part of the podlators package on either CPAN or in
> /pub/software/modules.  I'll be happy to work with anyone to improve the
> output quality if anything else turns up; Zack's help in reporting things
> it was doing that weren't ideal has improved the output quality quite a
> bit.

I just ran through some tests with 5.6.0's pod2man and podlators-1.04.
The version in 5.6.0 lacks the .PD 0/.PD feature we discussed a couple
months back; pl-1.04 has it.  This is no big deal.  I also found a
number of bugs in the texi2pod script, heh.

There's one remaining concern with 5.6.0+ pod2man.  texi2pod generates
lines like this:

=item B<-A I<predicate>=I<answer>>

which is rendered as 

.Ip "\fB\-A \f(BIpredicate\fB=\f(BIanswer\fB\fR" 4

by pod2man.  The old one used to generate

.Ip "\fB\-A \fIpredicate\fR=\fIanswer\fR\fR" 4

What I actually *want* is what .BI does, i.e.

.Ip "\fB\-A \fIpredicate\fB=\fIanswer\fR" 4

I know I could get this by emitting

=item B<-A> I<predicate>B<=>I<answer>

but it's quite difficult to get there from the texinfo input.  (I
might add that the new rendering, with \f(BI, looks just fine when
rendered into Postscript.  The trouble is that nroff renders \f(BI
identically with \fB.  Or rather, less renders "_^Hp^Hp" as bold,
not bold and underlined.)

I also have a problem with `scare quotes', since X 4.0 has decided
that ' is to be vertical.  No solution, though.  It may be possible to
bludgeon the fonts into restoring a tilted-right '.

> Should be in the current Perl 5.7.0; I'm not sure how unstable unstable
> wants to be.  It should be in 5.6.1 as well, but we've been waiting for
> that release for a while.

unstable just now picked up 5.6.0; they'll probably move to 5.6.1 as
soon as it shows up.  (Debian tends to have very long lead times on
picking up major releases, but almost-immediate takeup on patch


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