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Re: POT file for cpplib

On Fri, 11 Jun 2004, [ISO-8859-1] "Martin v. L÷wis" wrote:

> I just added a comment saying that translators should use the gcc
> catalog as a starting point. It also seems that Karl already arranged
> to initialize the cpplib domain with translations with the gcc
> translations. Does that resolve your concerns?

My concern is what happens say six months from now when 3.5 branches.  
Until then, translators working on gcc-3.4.x.pot will have been
translating cpplib messages in gcc.pot.  What's necessary to avoid
regressions is that all the work on these translations in gcc-3.4.x
between now and when 3.5 branches gets carried forward to the cpplib
translations.  If translators start *now* with using the gcc catalog as a
starting point, then over the next several months some messages will be
translated for gcc but not cpplib, and some vice versa, and some will get
different translations that should be merged, and there will be a mess.  
The proper instruction would be to concentrate on gcc.pot exclusively and
not do any translation work on cpplib.pot until 3.5 has branched, and at
that point start working using the then current gcc.pot translations as a

Joseph S. Myers

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