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Re: selective static linking

Marian Ciobanu wrote:

When building an executable on Linux I'd like to link statically a particular library, namely Boost Serialization, while keeping the other libraries linked dynamically. Both libboost_serialization.a and libboost_serializationso exist. I tried to play with the -l parameter, passing the actual file name or including the full path, but these didn't help.

Well, I have a workaround: rename libboost_serialization.a as libyyy.a and then use -lyyy instead of -lboost_serialization ; however, I wonder what the real solution is.

What about opening the GNU manual(s) ?

Maybe you have already done this with the GCC one but that is wrong manual for this problem :(
GCC gives some options to the linker as default, others one should decide oneself. There is that
GCC-option '-Wl,<linker_option(s)>' for this "giving extra options for the linker ('ld')" purpose.
In order to learn those linker options one needs the GNU 'ld' manual !

Somewhere there should be printable PDF-versions for the GNU manuals, I could now find
only the online HTML-manuals for binutils, the 'ld' options could be found via :

Ok, the '-Bstatic' and '-Bdynamic' options would be for this, "wrapping" the '-l<libname>'
with these, in your case :

... -Wl,-Bstatic -llibboost_serialization -Wl,-Bdynamic ....

meaning "switch static linking on", link against the static version, "return back to shared defaults"....

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