Build instructions for the Graphite loop transform framework.

First, you have to get a copy of last version of PPL from and install it:

cd ppl
./configure --prefix=/somewhere
make install

Then get a copy of the port of CLooG to PPL from and configure and build it as follows:

cd cloog
./configure --with-ppl=/somewhere --prefix=/somewhere
make install

Alternatively, you can get CLooG-PPL from the GIT repo as follows:

git clone git:// cloog
cd cloog

Then, for updating:

git-pull git://

Finally get the graphite branch and configure like this:

svn co svn:// graphite
mkdir graphite/build
cd graphite/build
../configure --with-cloog=/somewhere --with-ppl=/somewhere

Using git for graphite development

There exists also a git repository mirroring the svn repository.

More information is available here: GitMirror

Alternate sequence

Here is a sequence of commands that allows building a static GCC but still using the system shared libstdc++, the resulting compiler should work on any machine even without (or with too old) GMP or MPFR system libraries.

export ROOT=/some/where
./configure --prefix=$ROOT/gmp-4.2.4 --disable-shared --enable-cxx
./configure --prefix=$ROOT/mpfr-2.3.1 --disable-shared --with-gmp=$ROOT/gmp-4.2.4
./configure --prefix=$ROOT/ppl-0.10 --disable-shared --with-libgmp-prefix=$ROOT/gmp-4.2.4
./configure --prefix=$ROOT/cloog-ppl-0.15 --disable-shared --with-gmp=$ROOT/gmp-4.2.4 --with-ppl=$ROOT/ppl-0.10
../trunk/configure --prefix=$ROOT/trunk --enable-languages=c,ada --enable-__cxa_atexit --enable-threads=posix \
 --with-gmp=$ROOT/gmp-4.2.4 --with-mpfr=$ROOT/mpfr-2.3.1 --with-ppl=$ROOT/ppl-0.10 \
 --with-cloog=$ROOT/cloog-ppl-0.15 --with-host-libstdcxx=/usr/lib/

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