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Announcement: micro-libgcj 0.1

For those who are interested, I'd like to announce micro-libgcj 0.1. This release is a rewrite based on GCC 4.1.1 and has benefitted from the feedback I received on this list for the original release back in January.

New in this release:

- Better compatibility with Java. Most importantly, the controversial, non-standard synchronization semantics of 0.0 have been reverted to the standard Java semantics.

- A small subset of is now included

- Optional SWT support for GUI development (micro-swt)

That last one is probably the most interesting. Micro-swt is based on CNI instead of JNI, which makes it faster and easier to debug. Paired with micro-libgcj, it allows you to create small, standalone, multiplatform GUI apps in Java. For example, SWT's ControlExample weighs in at around 1MB or less when run through UPX.

Micro-libgcj 0.1 is available as a patch against the GCC 4.1.1 source tree. Thus, the same sources are shared between the libgcj and micro-libgcj builds. The Java sources are preprocessed using a simple Perl script inspired by Kawa's PreProcess. Also, an experimental branch based on a recent GCC 4.2.0 snapshot is available.

More information is available at Feedback is welcome.

- Joel

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