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Re: Java 3D released!

On Jun 29, 2004, at 5:42 PM, Dalibor Topic wrote:

Bryce McKinlay wrote:
Ray Auge wrote:
Anyone read this news. (Sun realeased Java 3D)

Any ideas on the topic of possible inclusion of this to the libs
Unfortunately only a few parts of Java 3D were released under a free license. The core and javax.vecmath packages are only available under the JDL/JRL licenses which are non-free, I presume. However, the example programs and com.sun.j3d.* packages were released under BSD license, so we could perhaps consider using those if they proved to be useful.
Note that there is already a free implementation of javax.vecmath:

And the rest of the world seems to have moved to Xith3d. [1]

Hmm... from the Xith3d page, it says:

| Xith3D runs on top of JOGL (Java for OpenGL) or
| LWJGL (Light Weight Java Gaming Library)

Looking at the jogl site I see it's BSD licensed.
(Also interesting, the jogl site mentions that jogl "integrates with the AWT
and Swing widget sets" whatever that means...)

Just curious, has anyone built jogl with GCJ? Is jogl the Java-OpenGL

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