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Re: Java 3D released!

Bryce McKinlay wrote:
Ray Auge wrote:

Anyone read this news. (Sun realeased Java 3D)

Any ideas on the topic of possible inclusion of this to the libs

Unfortunately only a few parts of Java 3D were released under a free license. The core and javax.vecmath packages are only available under the JDL/JRL licenses which are non-free, I presume. However, the example programs and com.sun.j3d.* packages were released under BSD license, so we could perhaps consider using those if they proved to be useful.

Note that there is already a free implementation of javax.vecmath:

And the rest of the world seems to have moved to Xith3d. [1]

In any case, releasing the core utils [2], and the examples [3] under
BSD is very nice of Sun. That doesn't mean that Java3D is now open-source, as the ever eager Sun marketing machinery [4] is trying to tell people [5], [6].

And releasing the other stuff under LGPL is very nice, too. As well as putting Looking Glass under GPL.

dalibor topic

[4] Java 1.5 is dead! Long live Java 5! Or Java 5.0! Or whatever it is called today!

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