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GCC 4.0 Status Report (2005-02-03)

Substantial progress has been made towards GCC 4.0 over the past
several weeks.  There are now 103 open regressions targeted at 4.0,
including 13 wrong-code bugs, and 31 rejects-valid or
ice-on-valid-code bugs.

That means that we are very nearly at the point where we can create
the GCC 4.0 release branch.  

However, before that happens, it is important that we have a coherent
strategy for GCC 4.1.  There are a number of major branches (and
perhaps done on work that is not on a branch) that people will want to
integrate, and we must do that in an orderly fashion.

Therefore, we will use the same proposal-based procedure that we used
(late) in the GCC 4.0 timeframe.  If you have already completed, or
are planning to complete, a substantial project that you would like to
include in GCC 4.1, please send me the following information:

* Project Title

* Project Contributors

* Dependencies

  Any other projects which must be integrated before your project can
  be integrated.

* Delivery Date

  When will your project be ready for integration?  (Be conservative;
  I will consider dropping projects that are available past their
  delivery date.)

* Description

  Describe the project *in detail*.  

  What will you be doing?

  What parts of the compiler will be modified?

  What will the benefits of your change be?  (Be specific -- for
  example, if you will be improving code quality, indicate what kind
  of code, and, if possible, how great the improvement will be.)

  What risks do you foresee?  (If you say "none", you'll be asked to
  resubmit...)  What will you be doing to mitigate those risks? 

I'll synthesize this information and make decisions about schedules
for 4.1 once I have the proposals in hand.

To that end, please submit your proposal(s) by February 17th.  Late
proposals will still be considered.  In fact, there's nothing to
prevent us from including work conceived developed later in the cycle,
if that's appropriate.  So, the February 17th date is not a drop-dead
deadlin for 4.1 material in any way.

But, I would like to get a sense of what projects are already out
there, so that we can start bringing them into GCC 4.1.  By staging
the integration, we can take some time to stabilize after each major

I will create the GCC 4.0 branch on February 24th, after posting
information about initial GCC 4.1 development, based on the proposals
I have received by the 17th.  Based on current progress, my
expectation is that the branch will be in very good shape by then.

Therefore, my current expectation for a GCC 4.0 release date is April 15th.

Mark Mitchell
CodeSourcery, LLC

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