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Re: a question about Linux target dependence on GNU compiler.

On Thu, 20 Jan 2005 21:13:14 -0800
"Zack Weinberg" <> wrote:

> 浅尾  忍 <> writes:
> > Now, I think that one of the implementation of Linux target
> > dependence on GNU compiler is the MultiThreading correspondence, and
> > another is the shared library correspondence.
> >
> > Is there something a necessary implementation for Linux target
> > dependence besides these?
> I still don't understand what you are trying to ask, but now I have
> enough of an idea to make a stab in the dark.
> You are trying to configure GCC to generate code for a new target.
> This target uses Linux for its operating system.  Correct?  You want
> to know what you have to do to GCC to make this work.  Correct?
> zw

What I want to ask is not about customizing methods but 
some functions to be implemented on GNU compiler.

I think that GCC has multithreading and shared library handling 
for Linux OS target.

I want to know if there is something necessary other than the two 
(multithreading and shared library handling).


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