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Re: Typo. (off-topic)

The source for my defense of Gore was the following paper, which
I had read/skimmed a while ago:
It's long; to attempt to summarize:

Gore's actual words were:  "During my service in the United States
Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet."  Gore
mis-spoke (in a verbal interview), but it's still not a claim that he to
"invented the Internet".  The author of the paper suggests that if Gore
has said "While I was serving in the Senate, I took the initiative in
supporting the basic research necessary to create the Internet as we
know it today" he would have been on solid ground.

My comments on "potato(e)" was my confused attempt to show an example
where a Republican was unfairly made fun of.  It was a bad choice,
clearly.  The paper gives a better example in the story about Bush and
the check-out scanner.

In my defense of this off-topic stream, note that I did clearly label
it thus, and I was *responding* to an off-topic joke.   I do sincerely
apologize for my more general comments about right-wingers vs
left-wingers; they were out of place.
	--Per Bothner

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