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Enough already! (Re: PROPOSAL: Objective-C++ )

   The proposal that was given was for incorporating Apple's ObjC++ into 
the FSF repository.  I don't mean to be a party-pooper, and I also have 
a bunch of enthusiasm for seeing GCC ObjC gain some new features, but 
this isn't part of the proposal.

   Please don't distract from the (important!) issue of getting ObjC++ 
merged back into the FSF mainline by introducing a bunch of other 
unrelated feature requests.  There are a ton of features that could be 
added to ObjC, some good, some not so good, but the absolute first 
priority should be to get as much unity as possible between all the main 
ObjC compiler branches.

   I would say that the two top items in this vein are merging ObjC++ 
into the FSF repository and getting some sort of unity between the Apple 
and GNU ObjC runtimes.  Please focus efforts on these instead of 
spending a bunch of energy thinking of and arguing about cool new 
features and not getting anything done in the end.

   The closer we can get having One True ObjC GCC implementation 
(including runtime) the easier it will be to introduce new features.  
Until then, introducing new features will just increase the disparity 
between the GNUStep and Apple camps (thus diminishing the potential 
growth of ObjC).

   Anyway, that's my plea for sanity :)


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