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"deferred strings" in varasm.c

Re: #pragma weak conformance

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* Re: emacs21 and -z nocombreloc


-fstrict-fp-semantics (was Re: numerical instability and estimate-probability)


-Wswitch and default case

Re: 3.1 20011116 failed to bootstrap on mips

Re: 64 bit gcc?

RE: CST50044484ID - pHdesktopƒtƒ“ƒvƒ‹desktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopƒtƒ“ƒvƒ‹desktopdesktopdesktopƒtƒ“ƒvƒ‹ƒtƒ“ƒvƒ‹desktopdesktopdesktopƒtƒ



[Ada] ACATS CXG2013 fixed

[Ada] ada/Makefile.in question

[Ada] GNAT maintainer

[Ada] GNAT.Directory_Operations has problems

Re: [Ada] gnat_rmtexi: Use @./@: where appropriate.

[Ada] Internal compiler error box

[Ada] Nag screen

Re: [Ada] Namespace pollution in GNAT run-time library

[Ada] Q about building cross gnatlib

Re: [Ada] some parallel build fixes

[Ada] warning: file name does not match unit name

[arm/thumb] bug in machine description

[Fwd: Calling an allocator destroy?]

[Fwd: linux binary??]

[g77] make -k check fails last reporting

[G95-develop] G95 AST representation

[patch] ARM: -mdisable-got adapted for gcc-3.0.2

Re: [PATCH] Updated glibc-gcc3.patch

Re: [RFA]: Fix tests 980223.c and 20010327-1.c (was is 980223.c wrong?)

Re: [wwwdocs] Initial criteria.html (was Re: Where's the currentlist of release criteria?)


a.out file format

Re: ABI FAQ (was Re: g++ 2.95 and g++ 3.0)

Ada bootstrap failure on ia64

ADA in gcc 3.1

Re: ada/4848: Internal compiler error in instantiate_virtual_regs _1, at function.c:3904

Re: ada/4848: Internal compiler error in instantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:3904

Re: ada/4848: Internal compiler error ininstantiate_virtual_regs_1, at function.c:3904

Re: adding bit test instructions for ColdFire

AIX bootstrap failure

Alpha bootstrap failure

alpha bootstrap failure, new symptom

altivec triplets: comments?

AMD Athlon XP optimizations

anoncvs access

another build failure on solaris-2.6

Another Successfull Build


arm/thumb bugs

ARM3 etc.

Assembly (.s) file does not match Motorola .asm syntax


assignment papers

auto-sync of top-level 'include' & 'config' directories?

AW: c++ name mangling question

Re: backup schedule on FSF machines

Backward Compatibility of Gcc complier

Basic block profiling (-a) does produce wrong code for insn prologues

Re: Basic block profiling (-a) does produce wrong code for insnprologues

basic questions about GCC (porting GCC to a new target)

boostrapping Ada

Bootstrap failure

bootstrap failure

bootstrap failure on alpha

Bootstrap failure on Solaris7 in Intl code

Bootstrap failures with today's CVS

bootstrap problem with libjava

Re: branch merging

The brik tarball in infrastructure

broken links?

BSS size

Re: Buffer Overflow Attacks

Bug in 2.95.* series

Bug in cse? (Or in LABEL_PRESERVE_P?)

Bug or another C++ oddity?

Re: A bug or spec? No warning on a switch case not handled.

bug(?): anonymous initialisers go in the .data section, not .rodata

Re: Bugzilla features

BUILD Failing

Build failure on Alpha

build on cygwin of gcc-3.0.2 required code changes

Build problem on AIX 5.1 in libiberty, uint64_t definition

buildfailure in expr.c on darwin

building GNAT on Windows (without Cygwin)

Building unique object files and binaries

Built-in bzero in GCC 3.0.2

C and assembly listing

Re: C compiler

C in, JavaByteCode out ?

C Warnings

c++ name mangling question

C++ Unwind question (IA64 HP-UX)

C99 library issues

c: static constructors and destructors

Can hex numbers appear as a const_int in md files?

Cannot bootstrap gcc on the mainline

Careers Link

cc & gcc

Re: Change definition of complex::norm


Checking out PR4483 (constant overflow on PPC, problems compiling Linux kernel)

CLOBBER MEM in stack ops on x86

Re: code inefficiencies on 68k/coldfire

Combine versus volatile (Was: Re: Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII)

Re: Combine versus volatile (Was: Re: Performance of IntegerMultiplication on PIII)

Re: Commas after "i.e." and "e.g." (was: Re: [Ada] gnat_rmtexi: Use @./@: where appropriate.)

Commas after "i.e." and "e.g." (was: Re: [Ada] gnat_rmtexi: Use@./@: where appropriate.)

Committing translations

Compile time error

Complex integer division

Compound literals extensions

configure: error: unable to detect exception model

const folding vs multiply-add

Continuing problems trying to build Ada

Re: contributing altivec changes

copyright assignment papers

Could someone please fix gcc 3.0?

covariant returns

Re: CPP + Debug Info chicken-and-egg problem

Re: Cpp patches for VMS

Cross-compilation documentation

CVS down?

CVS problem

CVS server

cygwin gcc issues

Re: dangerous cleverness? ppc int<->float conversions, subreg

dead ftp

debugging gcc

definition of complex norm

dependency system broken? [gcc-3.0.2/ARM]

Deprecating -traditional has passed the SC

Does --enable-clocale=gnu work on Linux/ia64?

Dont's send mail containing virus.

Downgrade unsuccessfull


duplicate -mdisable-got with gcc-3.0



e2fsck-1.25 problem (fwd)

Re: emacs21 and -z nocombreloc

Enough already! (Re: PROPOSAL: Objective-C++ )

error when I building binutils under cygwin on win98 - take2

Exception handling problem: return address dead

extracting implicit arguments

Fail to compile 64 bit gcc 3.0.2

fail to compile gcc 3.0.2 on Solaris 8

FDESC_EXPR in tree.def

fdump-ast-original and strg:

Re: final install problems

fix for PR 4447: is this really correct?

fPIC and %ebx

front end changes for altivec

Re: front end changes for altivec-- conclusion

G++ Installation

G77 docs: `declaring new variables after generating code'

gcc 2.95.3/4 Redhat 6.0 rpm ?

Re: GCC 3.0.2 and BSD Make

GCC 3.0.3

GCC 3.0.3 and GCC 3.1

GCC 3.0.3: Bugs to Fix

Gcc 3.x regression in constant initializer [compile/20010327-1.c]

Gcc 32-bits or 64-bits

GCC and fast eveluaton of polynomials

GCC backend for dummy ?

GCC Build Status for SCO OS 5.0.5

Re: gcc executable for different OS revisions

gcc frontend macros

GCC g77 mail address @gnu.org

gcc options

gcc or ld ?

Re: gcc problem

GCC support for PowerPC 405 CR

gcc switch problem

GCC Ver 1.40

gcc version 2.95.2: Internal compiler error in `fix_lexical_addr', at function.c:5604

GCC with Intralink

gcc-2.95.3-5 on cygwin compilation problem

gcc-3.0.2 build problems

gcc-ss-20011105 is now available

gcc-ss-20011112 bootstrap failure

gcc-ss-20011112 is now available

gcc-ss-20011119 is now available

gcc-ss-20011126 is now available


GCC/Fortran 90/95 questions

gccadmin account: scripts vs maintainer-scripts

Re: general question/suggestion

Generating an interface description for libraries

getting gcc

gmake check on gcc

GNAT build still broken

GNAT mingw32 build broken

GNU compiler options for ODBc

GNU Fortran inquiry

Heap big badness on the 'Net today (fwd)

hello every body

Help please?

help with combine

help with gcc

Help: libstdc++-2.8.0 and malloc


Re: Higher level RTL issues

How do we use -mabi= for mips?

How to defeat new check for presence of Ada compiler

How to find the phototype of function "drand48()"

How to take the address of a label_ref?

http://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2001-11/ is stuck at Nov. 12

i386 bootstrap failure: libiberty/sort.c:134: Unrecognizable insn

Re: i386 bootstrap failure: libiberty/sort.c:134: Unrecognizableinsn

i386 flags register clober in inline assembly

i386 RTX_COST tweeks take 2

i386-unknown-freebsd4.2 and gcc-3.0

Re: ia64 c++ abi exception handling

IA64 failed to bootstrap (Re: Does --enable-clocale=gnu work on

Re: ia64 performance regression

IA64 stack unwinder, yet again

ICE in change_address at emit_rtl.c

ICE outputting unaligned fp constant on powerpc-apple-darwin5.1

include facility for .md files


Input Stream Rewriting (Was: Target-specific Front-Ends?)

insn_operand_mode in ada/misc.c

Integrating a new front end

ios.lo complilation promblems

Is 64 bit ObjC for SolarisSparc available?

Re: is g++ verson 3.0.2 really slower?

Is gcc 3.x broken on Linux/PPC?

Is SYMBOL_REF in code or in data section?

Is this a known problem?

Join List?

langhooks-def.h and langhooks.h

Re: Last alignment change for MEM tracking

Re: Last Patch to the testsuit


libstdc++ bus errors

libstdc++v3 configuration

Limit unnamed fields in structs / unions

The Linux binutils is released.

The Linux binutils is released.

list of known bugs

list of known bugs for gcc

long function calls in ARM

long_call attribute in C++

Loop optimization bug with Ada front end on PPC (and probably Alpha)

Mail archives (was: GCC g77 mail address @gnu.org)

mailbox crash

make problem on Tru64 4.0f

MIPS _mcount-based profiling doesn't work with -abicalls (2.95.3)

Missing case in dwarf2out.c:loc_descriptor_from_tree

Missing Directory in CVS tree


Re: mkstemp() support on target

Re: MMIX port, acceptance status?


Moving C to its own directory (was Re: ObjC tree inlining)

Re: Mozilla on MIPS

A much needed simplification of g77 and libf2c's Makefiles.

multilib question


Native GNAT build succeeded

Need some help with GCC

New Ada build problem on ia64

new benchmark times on alpha

new breakage on 3.0branch

new cvs server problem

New libtool for GCC 3.1?

A new maintainer of the h8 port

Newbie question on -Os

NLS, attribute errors via cpp during bootstrap

numerical instability and estimate-probability

ObjC additions (Was: Re: PROPOSAL: Objective-C++)

ObjC tree inlining


Oddities in ARM (stack handling)

P.R. 4913

PA & H8 maintainers

Partial optimization

Re: Patch to make generated manpages use GFDL (fwd)

Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII

Re: Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII (gcc-2.95.2 onP6)

Re: Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII (Results for gcc-2.95 & Athlon)

Re: Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII (Results forgcc-2.95 & Athlon)

Re: Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII (Results forgcc-2.95& Athlon)

Re: Performance of Integer Multiplication on PIII (Start-up fileoddities)

Personal Invitation - PassivePROFITS(tm) - Residual Wealth Made Easy(tm)

Pessimization in compiler support for builtin __complex__

pfstream ?


porting gcc to z80 machines

Possible bug in gcc/Makefile.in

Potential GC problem in preprocessed C++

powerpc & unaligned block moves with fp registers

powerpc back end silly moves

powerpc freebsd-spec.h - huh?

PowerPC Inline assembler documentation

PowerPC w/ shared libgcc: "R_PPC_REL24 relocation... out of range"

precompiled headers in gcc 3.1?

precompiler implementation help

Re: prefetch revisited

problem of compiling gcc on Solaris

Problem with Ada working on Linux PowerPC port

Problem with recent fixes in loop_iterations ?

Problem with relocation in reload1 on powerpc-apple-darwin

Problem with top-level build

Problems with gcc-2.96

problems with math.h of gcc

problems with packed ennums in g++

PROPOSAL: Objective-C++

PSRLQ question.

Re: pdesktoptvdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktopdesktoptvdesktopdesktop

Q: syntax and semantics of -fdump-ast-original output?

qcc configuration

Question about backspace command in gcc-g77-3.0.2

question about encrypt

Question about SUBREG handling in get_last_value

questionable C error message for aggregate initializers?

questions on writing a back-end' to gcc

A quick question about find_last_not_of

REG_EH_REGION notes and substitutions into insn

Regression tester v. runtime libraries

relaod1.c: fixup_abnormal_edges

Re: Reload bug on Sparc

RELOAD: Spill in to the index register

relocation truncated to fit BRADDR text

Repost: Fail to compile 64 bit gcc 3.0.2

Returned mail: User unknown

reusing parts of gcc

scavanging a reg

Schon registriert ? .INFO und .BIZ Domain...

Semantics of CONSTRUCTOR tree nodes

Should gcc use maintainer-mode?

should MEM tracking be able to optimize this?

Signal while compiling libvorbis

Small Ada makefile addition

Somebody needs to fix the tmp permissions

Sparc bootstrap problem compiling unwind-dw2-fde.c

SPEC95 results for the DFA scheduler branch on SPARC

Spelling of "readonly" (was: Re: [patches] Re: KDE a gcc)

Still problems with CVS

Storage of uninitialised globals

Succcessful bootstrap of gcc 3.0.2 on hppa64-hp-hpux11.00

Succesfully build and installed gcc-3.0.2

Successful compilation of Mico using gcc snapshot

Re: successful GCC 3.0.2 install

Successfully built and installed GCC


Re: Target-specific Front-Ends? (Was: front end changes for

Re: Target-specific Front-Ends? (Was: front end changes for altivec)

Re: Target-specific Front-Ends? (Was: front end changes for altivec)

Re: Target-specific Front-Ends? (Was: front end changes foraltivec)

Re: target/4606 config.gcc refers to non-existant va-clipper.h

Re: target/4855: arm (thumb) backend generates illegal strb instruction]

testing altivec


Thank you for your product suggestion

thread safety

TImode ?inhibited? in main 3.1 branch

Toner cartridges 40% off retail price

Top level configure unsupported targets

Top-level Makefile

tree representation of C data types

Treelang frontend

Troubles reloading in gcc-2.95.3

FW: Tru64 Help

Undefined asm labels during bootstrap on Solaris

Undefined reference

undefined reference __eh_pc

Uninitialized register in gcse on VMS

Unreviewed patches for 3.0.x


urgent help 2

Use of -fno-exceptions

User level threads

Using GNATS to track GCC patches

Using throw(): continue with "simple code"...

Using throw(): to use or not to use?

variable argument list in irix

vectorizing optimization

Virus Alert

VMS status

want get gcc compiler

Want to learn more about inernals of gcc

Warning in today's CVS

warning: Arc profiling: some edge counts were bad.

We Produce & Export high quality ultrasonic mist makers, Worldwide Agent Wanted

Web page problem

Website page states "cvs co -c" ?; gcc in NT croaks using Cygwin winnt.h

When will I be able to compile 8139too.c

which branch to check out

Which CVS tag to get GCC 2.95.4?

Who is "--mew" (comments in manual from 1993)?

Why don't we provide a default INSTALL_SCRIPT in gcc/Makefile.in?

Why gcc 3.0.1 fails for sh target (coff,hms)

Writing a frontend to GCC

writing casesi (was: Re: arm/thumb bugs)

X IDE for gcc?

x86 FP optimizer behaviour

Yesterday's testcases

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