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Re: [wwwdocs] Initial criteria.html (was Re: Where's the currentlist of release criteria?)

Joseph S. Myers wrote:
<<It should use Dejagnu.>>

Could someone point me to the right files / directories to clone to
create a simple Dejagnu harness for Ada? (Or even better, just create
it in CVS with a simple Ada hello world program and I'll start from
there :).

To be able to fully use the executable part of ACATS and user
executable bug reports, the test harness must be able to:

1. Not run tests specially marked (eg: do not run test flagged
"tasking" on a system where tasking is not supported, or test marked
"kill" because they will kill your machine). The marking should be
done either test by test in source or external file, or be based on
list of tests (easier to manage).

2. Compile a set of support source files before processing a set of
tests and be able to -I the place were support file were compiled
when running those tests.

3. Limit test compile and execution time.

4. Compile some tests with special flags.

5. Match execution output with a given output, and be able to do some
regexp matching on execution output to determine pass/failure status.

6. Compile each test starting in an empty directory.

7. Run the whole test suite with a different set of flags.

Examples on how to do the various points within Dejagnu for GCC are
highly welcomed.

Also, if some important GCC deadline regarding GCC and potential
inclusion of the Ada test suite is approching, could someone from the
SC ping the FSF on the ACATS legal analysis (important: we need to
know if we can modify the tests, and/or make the legal notice shorter
when commiting in CVS)?

Laurent Guerby <>

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