This page contains information on GCC's implementation of the OpenMP specification and related functionality like the auto parallelizer (-ftree-parallelize-loops).

As of GCC 4.2, the compiler implements version 2.5 of the OpenMP specification, as of 4.4 it implements version 3.0 and since GCC 4.7 it supports the OpenMP 3.1 specification. GCC 4.9 supports OpenMP 4.0 for C/C++, GCC 4.9.1 also for Fortran. GCC 5 adds support for Offloading. OpenMP 4.5 is supported for C/C++ since GCC 6 and since GCC 7 for Fortran (with omissions, largest missing item is structure element mapping). Since GCC 9, there is initial OpenMP 5 support (essentially C/C++, only). GCC 10 added some more features, mainly for C/C++ but also for Fortran.

GCC 11 extended the Fortran compiler to fully support OpenMP 4.5 and support more OpenMP 5.0; additionally, nonrectangular loops are now supported. GCC 12 has a growing support of OpenMP 5.0 and first support of OpenMP 5.1 features.

GCC 13 (ongoing development) has a still growing support of OpenMP 5.0, extends the support of OpenMP 5.1 features and very limited first support of OpenMP 5.2 features.

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Feel free to add new items to this list as you run into issues or features that would be interesting to add. Send mail to the list and/or the GCC OpenMP maintainers if any item in this list sounds interesting but is hard to understand.

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