Projects to improve performance on IA-64


This page lists projects that are expected to improve the performance of the code that GCC generates for IA-64, more properly known as IPF (Itanium Processor Family). The lists originally came out of the GCC IA-64 Summit that was held June 6, 2001, and many of the comments are from that summit. Later updates are from discussions among people working in this area. Additions and corrections are always welcome.

During the June 2001 summit, developers of proprietary IA-64 compilers stressed that interactions between optimizations for IA-64 can be very significant, more so than with other architectures. People contributing IA-64 improvements are highly encouraged to work closely with people working on related improvements so that adverse interactions can be detected early.

Short-term projects

Long-term and infrastructure projects

Tools: performance tools, benchmarks, etc.