GCC: About

These pages are maintained by the GCC team and it's easy to contribute.

The web effort was originally led by Jeff Law. For the last two decades or so Gerald Pfeifer has been leading the effort, but there are many contributors .

The web pages are under CVS control. The pages on gcc.gnu.org are updated directly after a change has been committed. www.gnu.org is updated once a day at 4:00 -0700 (PDT).

Please send feedback, problem reports and patches to our mailing lists, ideally putting the string "[wwwdocs]" at the beginning of the mail subject.

Want to contribute? Any help concerning the items below is welcome, as are suggestions. Suggestions accompanied by patches have a higher chance of being implemented soon. ;-)

Using the CVS repository

Assuming you have both CVS and SSH installed, you can check out the web pages as follows:

  1. Set CVS_RSH in your environment to ssh.
  2. cvs -q -d :ext:username@gcc.gnu.org:/cvs/gcc checkout -P wwwdocs where username is your user name at gcc.gnu.org

For anonymous access, use -d :pserver:cvs@gcc.gnu.org:/cvs/gcc instead.

Validating a change

To validate any changes, you can use the W3 Validator. Just use the "Validate by File Upload" functionality.

Checking in a change

We recommend you list files explicitly to avoid accidental checkins and prefer that each checkin be of a complete, single logical change.

  1. Sync your sources with the master repository via "cvs update". This will also identify any files in your local tree that you have modified.
  2. We recommend reviewing the output of "cvs diff".
  3. Use "cvs commit" to check in the patch.
  4. Upon checkin a message will be sent to the gcc-cvs-wwwdocs mailing list.

As changes are checked in, the respective pages are preprocessed via the script wwwdocs/bin/preprocess which in turn uses a tool called MetaHTML. Among others, this preprocessing adds CSS style sheets, XML and HTML headers, and our standard footer. The MetaHTML style sheet is in wwwdocs/htdocs/style.mhtml.