[v3] fix libstdc++/53263

Paolo Carlini paolo.carlini@oracle.com
Thu May 10 21:19:00 GMT 2012


On 05/09/2012 11:02 PM, François Dumont wrote:
> Here is a patch for PR 53263.
> I have also generalize the idea of performing checks on unsafe 
> iterators for better performance to several other debug checks.
> 2012-05-09  François Dumont <fdumont@gcc.gnu.org>
>     PR libstdc++/53263
>     * include/debug/safe_iterator.h (__gnu_debug::__base): Move...
>     * include/debug/functions.h: ... Here. Add debug function
>     overloads to perform checks on normal iterators when possible.
>     * include/debug/macros.h (__glibcxx_check_heap,
>     __glibcxx_check_heap_pred): Use __gnu_debug::__base on iterator 
> range.
> Tested under linux x86_64 debug mode.
> Ok for trunk and 4.7 branch ?

Thanks. Considering that this isn't a regression and also that nobody 
reported the issue for so many years, the patch seems a bit largish to 
me to go into the branch. Thus, let's apply to mainline only and 
consider the issue closed. If people insist, seriously insist ;) we may 
reconsider for 4.7.2.

Thanks again!

PS: are you finally able to manage Bugzilla, yes?

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