[v3] deprecated ext/hash_map, ext/hash_set

Gabriel Dos Reis gdr@cs.tamu.edu
Sun Oct 21 17:04:00 GMT 2007

 "AlisdairM" <nntp.alisdairm@gmail.com> writes:

| Joe Buck wrote:
| > Deprecating vector<bool> is a tricky issue.  The specialization was
| > not really a good idea, but having a vector<bool> without caring
| > about the space optimization is perfectly valid.
| >From a C++0x perspective, it is still too early to deprecate vector<
| bool >.
| In Toronto we finally adopted a specification for vector< bool > so
| that we are in a position to deprecate it, but there is the alternate
| opinion that concepts will enable real container support for proxied
| iterators, and we might not need to deprecate it after all.

Deprecating a feature in a forthcoming standard does not make existing
code written with it (specified in existing standards) suddenly vanish.

-- Gaby

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